Regia Radu Ghilaș – Teatrul ”Mikola Kulish” Herson / Ucraina

The focus is on three stories of wandering across Europe by three Ukrainian illegals. For the sake of working to get to Ireland, they are ready for anything - suffering, humiliation, renouncing their own nationality, meanness and even death.

Romanian director Radu Ghilas and artist Olga Honobolina found an original artistic solution: huge containers were erected on the stage, the roof of which became a playground for musicians who, throughout the performance, create an atmosphere with rock music and are the main pulse of the performance.

Vitaliy, Nikolai and Andrew are emigrants who are going to cross the border illegally. Once in the same room, they are fit to steal, betray, and cross the line in order to reach the goal. The protagonist fell victim to these circumstances. Maternal love gives him the strength to stop. Breathing in the container breaks the "umbilical cord" that connected him to the world, a great hope for a better future and a mother who is a symbol of independent Ukraine. 


Standing Group:

The director is Rada Gilash.

Production Designer,  Costume Designer - Olga Honobolina, Honored Artist of Ukraine. 

Musical design - Artem Filenko, Oleg Kostrub.

Hormeister, assistant director - Ruzhena Rubleva, Honored Artist of Ukraine.


Actors and performers:

Mother - Ruzhen Rubleva, Honored Artist of Ukraine.

Vitaliy - Ruslan Vyshnivetsky, Honored Artist of Ukraine.

Nikolay - Yevgeny Gamayunov.

Andrew - Constantine Rogan.

Donatas - Anton Lysenko.

Ion - Pavel Kostenko.

Doctors - Sergey Mevsha, Valery Gayfullin.

Music : Artem Filenko, Vladimir Kononov, Mikhail Kalyus, Andriy Yurchenko, Igor Marchenko.